Pay It Forward – The Move

In fact, this idea could really change the world as it spreads fast among us. Unfortunately, many of us don’t want this. Selfishness is UGLY.

Great movie. A MUST see movie. Famous Cast, Good Touching Story.

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Pay It Forward – The Move


Ok, my friends, I normally never promote products on my page. I’m not for monetizing my website – I mean it is a website for World Peace – do I really need to say more? 🙂 . I want to make an exception for this course to inner peace and happiness. If you want to change the world, you need to start with yourself first!

Yes, I tested the product myself, and I can happily say that it gave me strength, belief and the willingness to do more for others. If you are happy with yourself, then you can give more to others as well.

So what is it about? Below you’ll find the official product information (yes, I just copy/paste it. Why changing something that is good? right?). Let me start by showing you something about the author of the course. $

Here we go… (Can you relate with it?)

People have never felt the need to achieve more intrinsically and spiritually than they do today. For many of us, living life doesn’t simply mean taking care of our most basic, primitive, and physiological needs. It’s about so much more than that. As we become more advanced, our needs advance with us, we strive for happiness, peace, self-awareness, and even self-actualization. Unfortunately, many people do not reach any of these states of mind, leaving themselves with nothing but stress, frustration and a sense of hopelessness.

Intermezzo: Something about the creator:


What do you want in your life?

You want a better life. You want to improve yourself and the life that surrounds you. This course has done it for hundreds of people, and now it can do it for you in a more affordable and manageable format, online.

This course is the secret to achieving your goals and living the deal life you’ve been dreaming about for the past handful of years. Is the quality of your current life what you expected? Is it what you wanted or want now?

If you want more, this carefully articulated course has the potential to challenge you and guide you to transform your life, and find inner peace in 30 days.

Is 30 days realistic?

Nobody said this course was easy. But it is most definitely effective and proven. It can be extremely challenging and overwhelming to live in the world we live in today.

However, it is even more difficult to live in a world without happiness and without ever finding peace within one’s self. This curated course consolidates over 21 years of personal research into one comprehensive path for you to engage in. It will teach you the most incredibly powerful techniques that has the potential to help transform your life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically… (Ok, we don’t talk about world peace here. But you have to start within yourself first)

…in just 30 days!

You will never feel the same again… only better! Start with the course NOW! You will not regret it!

And if you don’t want to belief me, which is definitely something you can choose :-), maybe you belief this testimonials:










Or not, because indeed, they are total strangers. And why would you belief strangers, right? Correct! Don’t belief it then. I just want to promote something that can really work for you. Of course, we are all different. Which means that when something works for me, it doesn’t automatically will work for all of us. But it won’t harm you as well.

Have a nice day!





50 Top Inspiring Movie Speeches

If you’re a movie buff you’ll agree that these 50 movie speeches are by far the top most inspiring movie speeches of all time.

1. Good Will Hunting

2. Braveheart

3. Scent of a Woman

4. Rocky (How Hard Can You Get Hit)

5. The Pursuit of Happyness

6. Patton


7. Hoosiers

8. Lean on Me

9. Pulp Fiction (Captain Koons Speech)

10. Lord of the Rings

11. Any Given Sunday

12. Wall Street

13. Avatar

14. Glengarry Glen Ross

15. 300
16. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

17. Miracle – Coach Brooks Addresses Team Pre Game

18. Armageddon

19. Apocalypse Now

20. Black Hawk Down

21. Coach Carter (Our Greatest Fear)

22. Animal House (Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?)

23. Remember The Titans

24. The Replacements- Pain Heals, Chicks Dig Scars and Glory Lasts Forever

25. The Great Dictator

26. The Shawshank Redemption

27. We Were Soldiers

28. Network (I’m Mad As Hell)

29. Friday Night Lights

30. King Arthur

31. Mighty Ducks 2

32. Good Will Hunting

33. Dead Poets Society – Seize The Day

34. Gladiator (My Name is Maximus)

35. Mr. Deeds Goes To Washington

36. Henry V

37. On The Waterfront

38. Million Dollar Baby

39. John Adams

40. To Kill A Mockingbird

41. Star Trek About Death 

42. Rudy

43. The Grapes of Wrath

44. Boiler Room

45. It’s a Wonderful Life

46. The American President

47. Inherit The Wind

48. A Time To Kill

49. 25th Hour

50. The Majestic

50 Top Inspiring Movie Speeches

A real christmas miracle

This is a real Christmas miracle story, happened in December 1997 in Wisconsin, USA.

A little girl named Sarah had leukemia and was not expected to live to see Christmas. Her brother and grandmother went to the mall to ask Mark Lenonard who was a professional Santa Claus to visit the hospital to give Sarah the gift of hope through encouragement and paryer.

A year later Sarah surprised Santa by showing up at the mall where he worked. Here goes the story.

A little boy and his grandmother came to see Santa at The Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin. The child climbed up on santa’s lap, holding a picture of a little girl.

“Who is this?” – asked Santa, smiling. “Your friend? Your sister?”

“Yes, Santa.” – he replied.

“My sister, Sarah, who is very sick.” – he said sadly.

Santa glanced over at the grandmother who was waiting nearby and saw her dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

“She wanted to come with me to see you, oh, so very much, Santa!” – the child exclaimed.
“She misses you.” – he added softly.

Santa tried to be cheerful and encouraged a smile to the boy’s face, asking him what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas.

When they finished their visit, the grandmother came over to help the child off his lap, and started to say something to Santa, but halted.

“What is it?” – Santa asked warmly.

“Well, I know it’s really too much to ask you, Santa, but ..” – the old woman began, shooing her grandson over to one of Santa’s elves to collect the little gift which Santa gave all his young visitors.

“The girl in the photograph… my granddaughter well, you see … she has leukemia and isn’t expected to make it even through the holidays.” – she said through tear-filled eyes.

“Is there anyway, Santa, any possible way that you could come see Sarah? That’s all she’s asked for, for Christmas, is to see Santa.”

Santa blinked and swallowed hard and told the woman to leave information with his elves as to where Sarah was, and he would see what he could do. Santa thought of little else the rest of that afternoon. He knew what he had to do.

“What if it were MY child lying in that hospital bed, dying?” – he thought with a sinking heart, “This is the least I can do.”

When Santa finished visiting with all the boys and girls that evening, he retrieved from his helper the name of the hospital where Sarah was staying. He asked Rick, the assistant location manager how to get to Children’s Hospital.

“Why?” – Rick asked, with a puzzled look on his face.

Santa relayed to him the conversation with Sarah’s grandmother earlier that day.

“Common….I’ll take you there.” – Rick said softly. Rick drove them to the hospital and came inside with Santa. They found out which room Sarah was in. A pale Rick said he would wait out in the hall.

Santa quietly peeked into the room through the half-closed door and saw little Sarah on the bed.

The room was full of what appeared to be her family; there was the grandmother and the girl’s brother he had met earlier that day. A woman whom he guessed was Sarah’s mother stood by the bed, gently pushing Sarah’s thin hair off her forehead.

And another woman who he discovered later was Sarah’s aunt, sat in a chair near the bed with a weary, sad look on her face. They were talking quietly, and Santa could sense the warmth and closeness of the family, and their love and concern for Sarah.

Taking a deep breath, and forcing a smile on his face, Santa entered the room, bellowing a hearty, “Ho, ho, ho!”

“Santa!” – shrieked little Sarah weakly, as she tried to escape her bed to run to him.

Santa rushed to her side and gave her a warm hug. A child the tender age of his own son — 9 years old — gazed up at him with wonder and excitement.

Her skin was pale and her short tresses bore telltale bald patches from the effects of chemotherapy. But all he saw when he looked at her was a pair of huge, blue eyes. His heart melted, and he had to force himself to choke back tears.

Though his eyes were riveted upon Sarah’s face, he could hear the gasps and quiet sobbing of the women in the room.

As he and Sarah began talking, the family crept quietly to the bedside one by one, squeezing Santa’s shoulder or his hand gratefully, whispering “Thank you” as they gazed sincerely at him with shining eyes.

Santa and Sarah talked and talked, and she told him excitedly all the toys she wanted for Christmas, assuring him she’d been a very good girl that year.

As their time together dwindled, Santa felt led in his spirit to pray for Sarah, and asked for permission from the girl’s mother. She nodded in agreement and the entire family circled around Sarah’s bed, holding hands.

Santa looked intensely at Sarah and asked her if she believed in angels, “Oh, yes, Santa… I do!” – she exclaimed.

“Well, I’m going to ask that angels watch over you.” – he said.

Laying one hand on the child’s head, Santa closed his eyes and prayed. He asked that God touch little Sarah, and heal her body from this disease.

He asked that angels minister to her, watch and keep her. And when he finished praying, still with eyes closed, he started singing, softly, “Silent Night, Holy Night…. all is calm, all is bright…”

The family joined in, still holding hands, smiling at Sarah, and crying tears of hope, tears of joy for this moment, as Sarah beamed at them all.

When the song ended, Santa sat on the side of the bed again and held Sarah’s frail, small hands in his own.

“Now, Sarah,” – he said authoritatively, “you have a job to do, and that is to concentrate on getting well. I want you to have fun playing with your friends this summer, and I expect to see you at my house at Mayfair Mall this time next year!”

He knew it was risky proclaiming that to this little girl who had terminal cancer, but he ‘had’ to. He had to give her the greatest gift he could — not dolls or games or toys — but the gift of HOPE.

“Yes, Santa!” – Sarah exclaimed, her eyes bright. He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and left the room.

Out in the hall, the minute Santa’s eyes met Rick’s, a look passed between them and they wept unashamed.

Sarah’s mother and grandmother slipped out of the room quickly and rushed to Santa’s side to thank him.

“My only child is the same age as Sarah.” – he explained quietly. “This is the least I could do.”

They nodded with understanding and hugged him.

One year later, Santa Mark was again back on the set in Milwaukee for his six-week, seasonal job which he so loves to do. Several weeks went by and then one day a child came up to sit on his lap.

“Hi, Santa! Remember me?!”

“Of course, I do.” – Santa proclaimed (as he always does), smiling down at her. After all, the secret to being a ‘good’ Santa is to always make each child feel as if they are the ‘only’ child in the world at that moment.

“You came to see me in the hospital last year!”

Santa’s jaw dropped. Tears immediately sprang in his eyes, and he grabbed this little miracle and held her to his chest.

“Sarah!” – he exclaimed. He scarcely recognized her, for her hair was long and silky and her cheeks were rosy — much different from the little girl he had visited just a year before.

He looked over and saw Sarah’s mother and grandmother in the sidelines smiling and waving and wiping their eyes.

That was the best Christmas ever for Santa Claus.

He had witnessed –and been blessed to be instrumental in bringing about — this miracle of hope. This precious little child was healed. Cancer-free. Alive and well. He silently looked up to Heaven and humbly whispered, “Thank you, Father. ‘Tis a very, Merry Christmas!”

By Susan Morton Leonard, Santa’s wife
Santa’s name: Mark Leonard or Santa Mark

A real christmas miracle

You are my life

There was a boy in India who was sent by his parents to a boarding school. Before being sent away this boy was the brightest student in his class. He was at the top in every competition. He was a champion.

But the boy changed after leaving home and attending the boarding school. His grades started dropping. He hated being in a group. He was lonely all the time. And there were especially dark times when he felt like committing suicide. All of this because he felt worthless and that no one loved him.

His parents started worrying about the boy. But even they did not know what was wrong with him. So his dad decided to travel to the boarding school and talk with him.

They sat on the bank of the lake near the school. The father started asking him casual questions about his classes, teachers and sports. After some time his dad said, ‘Do you know son, why I am here today?”

The boy answered back, “to check my grades?”

“No, no” his dad replied, “I am here to tell you that you are the most important person for me. I want to see you happy. I don’t care about grades. I care about you. I care about your happiness. YOU ARE MY LIFE.”

These words caused the boy’s eyes to fill with tears. He hugged his dad. They didn’t say anything to each other for a long time.

Now the boy had everything he wanted. He knew there was someone on this earth who cared for him deeply. He meant the world to someone. And today this young man is in college at the top of his class and no one has ever seen him sad!

Thanks a lot dad. YOU ARE MY LIFE.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

You are my life

25 most inspiring songs of all time

25. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This is an all-time classic. The song speaks of this magical place over the rainbow where things will be better. It refers to this other, better place compared to where we are now. If you feel down and out, and when things seem tough, this song will lift you up. Just remember that the better place isn’t “somewhere out there”, but here where we are. It’s up to us to make the best of what we have :).

The song was originally sung by Judy Garland in 1939 (Wizard of Oz) and has since been resung by many people. The version below is by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole. His soothing vocals makes it a very peaceful and calming experience listening to the song.

24. Chariots of Fire

Chariots is an instrumental theme often used as the theme song for sporting events. It was recorded in 1981 for the film Chariots of Fire. Listen to it and see if you don’t recognize it :D. The build up of the tunes throughout the song makes you feel invigorated just sitting and listening to it. This is a great pick me up that I use for some of my workshops.

23. It’s a Beautiful Day

No matter how bad your day may be, there is always something beautiful happening. This song reminds us that every day is a beautiful day by itself :D.

22. Walking On Sunshine

Quite possibly the happiest song ever! :mrgreen: The upbeat tunes of the song brings a smile to anyone just by listening to it. :D Make sure to dance along as you listen to the song!

Some of you might recognize this as the opening of The Celes Show earlier this year. I’ve put the project on hiatus for the time being as I focus on blog development. :D

21. What a Wonderful World

One of the greatest hits of all time, this beautiful song reminds us to appreciate the beauty of everyday life. According to wiki, the song was “intended as an antidote for the increasingly racially and politically charged climate of everyday life in the United States”. It also has a “hopeful, optimistic tone with regard to the future, with reference to babies being born into the world and having much to look forward to.” Everything in life is a miracle. Let’s appreciate and give gratitude to all these things we have with us today :D.

20. It’s My Life

It’s My Life was a huge hit when it came out in 2000 and remains a huge hit today. It’s all about personal empowerment, taking control of your life and being who you are because you only get to live once. As one of the lyrics say, “It’s my life… It’s now or never”.

Whose life are you living right now? When are you ready to start living your life? You only have one life – you’re not going to live forever. It’s either you start living it now or you’ll never live it. Stop waiting for a “tomorrow” or “next time”. It’s now.

19. That’s What Friends Are For

This is an all-time classic that has been sung and resung by many different artists. It’s about the beauty of friendship and how we can always count on each other no matter what happens, good times or bad times. That’s after all, what friends are for :D. Very, very beautiful song.

18. You Get What You Give

This is one of my favorite songs and also recommended by reader Ashwin Gopal. It’s the ending theme of Click (one of my favorite inspiring movies) which is how I first knew about it. This song is an international hit and has been played over 1 million times on US radio.

At its core, this song is about being true to yourself in a world where everyone tries to be someone he/she isn’t. Don’t you ever, ever give up on yourself or your dreams, because you have what it takes to achieve what you want.

17. Return To Innocence

An extremely strong and powerful song that invokes powerful emotions. This song reminds you to be yourself. Don’t afraid to show your emotions – whether it’s perceived as being weak, strong, emotional, unacceptable, etc. Denying them is just denying who you are. While others may see revealing your emotions as an act of vulnerability, it’s only by embracing your emotions that you move a step forward toward being who you truly are.

16. Music of My Heart

This is a beautiful song that expresses gratitude to the people who have always been there for us whenever we need them. These people are the ones who made us who and what we are today; who taught us the amazing things in the world and made us bigger than we thought we could. It’s because of them that we can be where we are today. Without them, there can’t be us today.

Who are the people who have helped make you who you are today? Who have always been there when you’re down? Who opened your eyes to the world? Who guided you every step of the way? Where are they now? Have you stopped to thank them for what they have done? Take a moment and let them know how you feel. You owe them as much.

15. Circle of Life

From The Lion King, one of my top inspiring movies. I get goosebumps whenever I listen to this song. This song tells us the grandiosity of life and where we stand in it. We’re all part of the circle of life – birth, growth, death, rebirth. Death does not signify the end – it’s the start to something new, something greater and bigger than what we’ve seen. It’s a delicate, symbiotic relationship that makes life possible.

14. Heal The World

This is one of the most popular songs by Michael Jackson. It reminds us of our responsibility to care for our world. Every day, there are people suffering and dying out there. Just because we’re not in contact with them doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s up to us to care for this world we live in. What can you do today to heal the world out there? It all starts with us.

13. You Raise Me Up

This is a touching piece that gives tribute to the people who raise us up to become more than who we can be. It was originally released by Secret Garden featuring Brian Kennedy in 2002 and since has been covered over 125 times. I’ve included both the original version below and the version by Josh Groban.

12. True Colors

The first time I heard this song was from an ad from Dove’s campaign for real beauty (which started back in 2006). I was enchanted by the song and the beautiful vocals. I later realized the ad version was a cover (by kids) and the original is by Cyndi Lauper (below).

This song is about not feeling fearful or small and to show who we really to the world. That’s when we reveal our true colors (analogy to the colors of the rainbow). It’s revealing these colors that we reveal our real beauty.

11. When You Believe

This is an amazing song about the power of hope and faith in this world. If there are ever any times when you’re losing hope, hang in there. The miracles you want to create in life comes from first believing in yourself (and others). They couldn’t have chosen better singers for this song too – Whitney and Mariah are undoubtedly two of the best singers ever.

10. Win

This is one of my personal favorites and also recommended by reader Kelvin Toh. The song is about overcoming all obstacles and never giving up in life. As long as we keep pushing, keep persisting, we’ll definitely achieve whatever we set out to achieve.

9. You Gotta Want It

Recommended by reader TraveloCafe. Powerful song that will charge you up in the few minutes you listen to it. If you want to get what you want, you have to want it from the bottom of your heart and give all that you can give. As long as you have the burning passion, nothing will be insurmountable.

8. I Will Survive

This song is about how someone became stronger after experiencing a breakup with someone. Today, it’s used as an anthem of female empowerment, gay empowerment and HIV/AIDSawareness. It is one of the most famous disco songs of all time. (From wiki)

7. Dare You To Move

This song has different interpretations. It can refer to the part of you who is not doing anything about certain parts of your life. It can refer to the part of you who is in a state of stagnancy. It can refer to the you who is letting a past failure stop you from moving on. Are you ready to stop looking back and finally move forward?

6. Never Surrender

I first heard this song when I was watching Meteor Garden (Taiwanese version). I love the keymessage of this song, which is never to give up no matter how tough the situation may be. Because no matter what happens, no one can ever take away your right to fight. As long as you persevere, nothing’s impossible to achieve.

5. Hero

Recommended by reader Abu Sofian and my favorite song too. The song tells you you don’t have to be afraid of who you are. When you feel fearful and lost, look deep inside. The strength to do what you want, and the answers you seek for in life, have always been inside you all along.

There’s always been a hero in your life all along. The hero isn’t anyone else – it’s you.

4. I Believe I Can Fly

This is the theme song of 1996 movie Space Jam, which is also one of the most inspiring movies. This song is about how there are no goals and dreams that we can’t achieve. If we can see it, we can do it. It all starts with first believing in our ability :).

3. Gonna Fly Now

This is the theme song of Rocky, also listed as one of the inspirational movies. To quote wiki,

Released in 1976 with the movie Rocky, the song became part of American popular culture after main character Rocky Balboa completed his daily training regimen while the song played. The song finishes as Rocky completes his famous run up the “Rocky Steps” of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and raises his arms in a victory pose.

I love this song :D. It’s not really a song as much as it’s a tune – there are only 9 lines of lyrics. It’s a powerful one at that – listen and see if it doesn’t get you all drummed up :D.

2. Reach

Reach is the official theme song for 1996 Olympics. This song is about doing our very best for the dreams. Don’t be afraid to reach out and give your everything. It’s only when you put your heart and soul into your goals that you live your life to the fullest.

1. Eye of The Tiger

This is the one of the tracks for Rocky III and hands down one of the top motivational songs of all time. Not only is it my favorite, readers Dipal E and Lica Sever also give their top recommendation. Here’s an explanation on why the song is titled “Eye of The Tiger”:

At first, we wondered if calling it ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ was too obvious. The initial draft of the song, we started with ‘It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight, rising up to the spirit of our rival, and the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night, and it all comes down to survival.’ We were going to call the song ‘Survival.’ In the rhyme scheme, you can tell we had set up ‘rival’ to rhyme with ‘survival.’ At the end of the day, we said, ‘Are we nuts?’ That hook is so strong, and ‘rival’ doesn’t have to be a perfect rhyme with the word ‘tiger.’ We made the rightchoice and went with ‘Eye Of The Tiger. – Jim Peterik, co-writer of the song (Wikipedia)

The best way to listen to this song is to have your volumes at full blast. If it doesn’t charge you up into action, I don’t know what will! I used to use it in my personal development workshops to drum participants into action.

25 most inspiring songs of all time

Real best friends

In a battle, a soldier prepared 2 bring this wounded friend back from the field.

His captian said,
“Its of No use! ur friend must be dead”.

But soldier still goes & brings back his friend.
Seeing the dead body, Captain says

“I told u its of no worth. He’s dead”.

The soldier replies with moist eyes:
“No sir, it was really of worth…..

When i got to him, my friend saw me, smiled & said his last words:



Rare, Precious, Trustworthy, True, Strong friends…. are always there when you need them the most….

Real best friends

Against Racism

A 50- something year old white woman arrived at her seat on a crowded flight and immediately didn’t want the seat. The seat was next to a black man.

Disgusted, the woman immediately summoned the flight attendant and demanded a new seat. The woman said “I cannot sit here next to this black man.”

The fight attendant said “Let me see if I can find another seat.” After checking, the flight attendant returned and stated “Ma’am, there are no more seats in economy, but I will check with the captain and see if there is something in first class.”

About 10 minutes went by and the flight attendant returned and stated

“The captain has confirmed that there are no more seats in economy, but there is one in first class. It is our company policy to never move a person from economy to first class, but being that it would be some sort of scandal to force a person to sit next to an UNPLEASANT person, the captain agreed to make the switch to first class.”

Before the woman could say anything, the attendant gestured to the black man and said, “Therefore sir, if you would so kindly retrieve your personal items, we would like to move you to the comfort of first class as the captain doesn’t want you to sit next to an unpleasant person.”

Passengers in the seats nearby began to applause while some gave a standing ovation.

What a lesson to people who discriminate by color of skin……

If you are against racism, share this.

Against Racism

Inspiring Story

There was a farmer in Africa who was happy and content. He was happy because he was content. He was content because he was happy.One day a wise man came to him and told him about the glory of diamonds and the power that goes along with them. The wise man said, “If you had a diamond the size of your thumb, you could have your own city. If you had a diamond the size of your fist, you could probably own your own country.” And then he went away.
That night the farmer couldn’t sleep. He was unhappy and he was discontent. He was unhappy because he was discontent and discontent because he was unhappy. The next morning he made arrangements to sell off his farm, took care of his family and went in search of diamonds.
He looked all over Africa and couldn’t find any. He looked all through Europe and couldn’t find any. When he got to Spain, he was emotionally, physically and financially broke. He got so disheartened that he threw himself into the Barcelona River and committed suicide.
Back home, the person who had bought his farm was watering the camels at a stream that ran through the farm.
Across the stream, the rays of the morning sun hit a stone and made it sparkle like a rainbow. He thought it would look good on the mantle piece. He picked up the stone and put it in the living room. That afternoon the wise man came and saw the stone sparkling. He asked, “Is Hafiz back?” The new owner said, “No, why do you ask?” The wise man said, “Because that is a diamond. I recognize one when I see one.”
The man said, no, that’s just a stone I picked up from the stream. Come, I’ll show you. There are many more.” They went and picked some samples and sent them for analysis. Sure enough, the stones were diamonds. They found that the farm was indeed covered with acres and acres of diamonds.

What is the moral of this story? There are five morals:

1. When our attitude is right, we realize that we are all walking on acres and acres of diamonds. Opportunity is always under our feet. We don’t have to go anywhere. All we need to do is recognize it.

2. The grass on the other side always looks greener.

3. While we are dyeing the grass on the other side, there are others who are dyeing the grass on our side. They would be happy to trade places with us.

4. When people don’t know how to recognize opportunity, they complain of noise when it knocks.

5. The same opportunity never knocks twice. The next one may be better or worse, but it is never the same one.

Inspiring Story

I’m thankful
















I’m thankful